Facebook Marketing for Beginners


Eager to start and expand your business on a leading social media platform to reach the global market?

Capitalize on your essential skills and advance the business to thrive internationally

E-Commerce Galaxy is one of the top e-commerce platforms where you can learn the tactics of digital marketing, essential for the growth of your career. Our consultation, training, and guidance can help you optimize your products and create value. With top-rated experts and professionals, become a master in Facebook advertising and market your brand globally.

Facebook marketing and advertising is one of the most powerful tools to promote a business and reach a wider audience in lesser time. However, the field is vast with many challenges, complexities, and tactical disputes. E-Commerce Galaxy ensures a reliable chain of courses that can help you in becoming a top and authentic brand on the platform.

With us, you can accelerate your career and take the business to new heights. Our experienced panel of Facebook marketers will guide you all along. They will teach essential tips and tricks to stay highlighted in the highly saturated Facebook marketplace. Join our Facebook Marketing training course and change the fate of your career today!

Benefit of Getting Registered with E-Commerce Galaxy

We at E-Commerce Galaxy believe in excellence and therefore thrive for perfection. By getting registered in our training course, you will unlock the following benefits for your business:

New Learning Methodology

Instead of approaching our trainees with recorded sessions that reduce attention span, we opt for a different methodology. E-Commerce Galaxy is proud to provide animated step-by-step training sessions that boost attention and make the course intuitive and fun to learn. As an alternative, our wide range of videos frees you from tedious sessions.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

Facebook is already a highly saturated and busy marketplace, where getting highlighted is the only way to earn profitably. With us, you will learn how to target the correct audience group and advertise to them creatively. Instead of teaching conventional methods, we provide our trainees with the latest tips and tricks to strategize and become successful on the platform.

Training with Facebook Marketing Experts

Each animated video on our platform is designed and crafted by an expert Facebook marketer. These experts are already running efficacious businesses on Facebook and have years of experience. The trends and algorithm of Facebook marketing keep on evolving; therefore, these professionals will provide you with lifelong strategies to work on.

Hands-On Experience

It’s in no way fruitful to learn and never get a chance to apply the knowledge practically. With E-Commerce Galaxy, get a chance to implement your learned information practically with real-life cases. Throughout the training program, you will receive assignments and practical exposure to have hands-on experience in Facebook marketing.

What You’ll Gain from The Course?

With 6 learning modules, 34 lessons and interesting animated sessions, become a Facebook Marketing expert from our platform. By registering with our course, you will learn:

  • Ways to connect with the audience and reach potential customer
  • How to master Facebook ever-changing algorithm and tactics
  • Managing sales funnel, retargeting, and conversions
  • Creation, editing, and troubleshooting the ads in Facebook Ads Manager
  • Implementation of Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking strategies
  • Analysis of effectual advertising campaigns for your target audience

Who Should Register to Facebook Marketing Training Course?

This course is solely designed to train young minds and business people who want to become successful on a Facebook social media platform and earn passive income. This course is perfect for:

  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs who wish to expand and grow their business
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise owners looking for a way to reach out to more audience
  • Business-minded people running online brand
  • Own a local business and desire to join the online community
  • Business already has an online Facebook presence but strategies are not working

Topics for this course

34 Lessons03h 4m 40s

Module 01 Facebook Marketing For Beginners

Introduction to Facebook Marketing & Ads00:00:27
Understanding how FB makes use of data to show relevant ads & How FB Algorithm works?00:2:7
Hacking Facebook Ads algorithm00:3:13
Basic elements of Facebook Ad00:2:13
Relevancy of campaign, target audience & message communication00:02:21
Facebook ads manager dashboard basics00:10:02
Setting up Facebook Pixel00:04:30
Summary and Quiz00:02:02

Module 02 Facebook Target Audience

Module 03 Facebook Ad Placement & Formats

Module 04 Facebook Ads & Landing Page

Module 05 Advance Ad Strategy

Module 06 Diving Deep Into Facebook Marketing Strategies

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